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Mrs. Cline’s Class and The Peanuts Gang
On An Educational Journey

Our Theme
This year, with the help of some fictional friends (Snoopy, Woodstock, Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, and the rest of the Peanuts Gang), our class will be exploring the the exciting curriculum of third and fourth grade. Each month will bring new study concepts which we will investigate through our skills in reading, spelling, writing, math, social studies, science, health, the arts, technology and physical education.

In General............. Things to know about our class:

All students will be involved in a variety of daily learning activities within their grade and ability level. Work that is completed in class will be sent home in homework folders. Please take a moment to review all your child's work. A star, check, sticker or stamp on the paper indicates that I have reviewed it. If I make any correction marks on the paper please encourage your child to review those skills. Tests and project papers will be given percentage grades. Only papers with a percentage grade are recorded for report card purposes. Any work receiving a grade of 60% or lower will need to be signed by a parent and returned to me.

Progress Reports
It is my intention to keep you as informed of your child's progress in my class as possible. Therefore, in addition to comments on your child’s weekly work, I will send home periodic

progress reports. Parents may also access our online grading program to watch their child's progress.

Report cards
Report cards will be given out at the end of each trimester. They will be accompanied by parent / teacher conferences at the first (November) and second (March) trimesters.

Birthdays are very important days to our children and I always recognize them in our class. All July and August birthdays are celebrated in June. Please keep in mind that in order to promote good health habits, our school has adopted a no food treat policy . However, If you want to do something special, you may want to consider the birthday donation program set up by our PTA .

Sharing in Class
We do not have a formal, personal sharing time in class. Therefore, students are welcome to share only items that may be of interest to a unit of study in our class. If you or your child are unsure if an item is appropriate please feel free to ask me about it a day before.

Getting To Know Our Classmates
It is important for children to share about themselves, as well as, learn about others. In grades K through 2 your child most likely had an opportunity to do this by being a “Star” of the week or some other form of recognition. In my class, we create “Personal Information Folders” in the first couple of weeks of school. There are some "at home" information components that need to be filled out. We share these folders by way of oral presentation in class throughout the year when students are chosen to be class leaders. We should know each other quite well when we are finished. I hope to create a caring, sharing, and respectful atmosphere for all students.

Classroom Volunteers
In third grade, students are working more independently and do not require the same amount of parent involvement in the classroom that you may be accustomed to in the lower primary grades. However, I do welcome parent assistance with our class needs and I look forward to working with some of you. I address my helper needs at back to school night and I will have sign up sheets available for those interested! When we have class parties, I am always happy to welcome any parent that wishes to join us.